Luke 11:34;
"The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light; but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness..."

Dearly beloved,
Human beings exhibit the power of binocular vision - where although we have two different eyes, they form one perfect image on the optical cortex of the brain.
This is partly made possible by the ability of the lenses in both eyes to focus the images they receive perfectly on the retina.

The ability to focus is of similar importance when it comes to the Word!
From our theme scripture, we realise that when the eye is single (focused) it serves the function of illuminating the whole body.
Here, to be singled-eyed means both eyes are looking at the same thing and not in different directions.
Revelation and illumination from God's Word come when we focus and concentrate as we read it.
We must look at it with both eyes(with full concentration) to receive the light it carries.

Consider this example: During the day, light rays from the sun are scattered all around us and are seemingly harmless;
However when focused using a magnifying glass they can ignite a piece of paper!
All that energy in light is latent until harnessed by the FOCUSING POWER of a magnifiying glass...
Without focus and concentration this energy goes waste!

The inherent power of God's Word is made available to work wonders in your life once you learn to FOCUS and CONCENTRATE on what the Word says.
Inability to focus with our natural eyes causes blurred vision;
Likewise, until you learn to focus and concentrate when studying the Word, the promises of God will remain vague and imperceptible in your life!

So Dear one,
Make up your mind to cut off any distractions when you are reading and studying the Word;
Create a conducive environment that would enable you FOCUS and CONCENTRATE.
By the Holy Spirit, you would begin to receive deep understanding and experience the power in the Word!
Stay blessed!


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