Ecclesiastes 8:4
" Where the word of a king is, there is power; And who may say to him, "What are you doing?" " (NKJV)
" The king has the last word. Who dares say to him, "What are you doing?" (The Message Bible)

Dearly beloved,
Words are of great power and might. The world we see today was created by the word of God.
In the same vein, you can build and construct your life by your words.

As new testament believer you have been made a king here on earth (Rev. 1:5-6)
Thus according to our theme verse, all your words (whether negative or positive) carry power!
But there's more to this - apart from the power your words contain, you also have the FINAL SAY when it comes to how things go in your life! (Ecc. 8:4, MSG)

Understand this:
No man, demon, or circumstance has the the last word in your in life - You do!!!
The words, actions and enchantments of mere men, witches, wizards and demons are only successful in your life when you consciously or unconsciously give them an assent!
If you would awaken to who you are in Christ, you can render all their words and efforts futile with your own words!

Furthermore, you must realise that even God Almighty does not have the final say in your life - You do!
Until you affirm His promises concerning you, they will never come to pass in your life!
It doesn't matter what God's Word has said about you, if you would not accept and take possession of it by your words it would never become a reality in your life.

Dear one,
You may have just received a diagnosis of a terminal disease;
You might have been labelled a failure by others,
Your lecturers may have called you blockheaded;
You may have been threatened with a family curse,
Many others may have said you are good for nothing....
However, today's multi-million dollar question is: What is your take on these issues?

Will you agree to these pronouncements and wallow in self pity or will you rise up as a king and rather affirm God's Word and Will for your life?
The choice is yours - You have the LAST WORD....
What you agree to is what will ultimately get established in your life!
Stay blessed!!


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