1 Corinthians 1:4-5;
"I thank my God always concerning you...that you were enriched in everything by Him in all utterance and all knowledge."

Dearly beloved,
The walk of a believer is simply a progressive realisation and manifestation of all that Christ has already accomplished through His death and resurrection.
One of the many benefits of Christ's resurrection is that you have been enriched in all things!

The Apostle Paul intimates in 1 Corinthians 3:21 that "...all things are yours" as a believer.
However today's theme verse pushes the revelation a bit further:
Apart from all things being yours, you have also been made rich in all things!
In other words,
You do not just have wisdom - you are rich in wisdom!
You do not just have health - you are rich in health!
You do not just have success - you are rich in success!
You do not just have all things - you are RICH IN ALL THINGS!!
Praise God!!!

The greek translated enrich, "ploutizo", portrays a house that has been richly furnished by its owner.
And truly, God has furnished you richly as a temple and abode of the Holy Spirit!
Consider this:
Will God inhabit a dilapidated building without furnishings or fittings?!
Of course not!
If man would give a face lift to a decrepit building before inhabiting it, how much more will God not renovate and furnish the believer completely before coming to dwell in him?

If you are saved, God is not yet about to enrich you - He has already enriched and furnished you in everything (it's past tense) for He is already at home in your heart!
Your enrichment in all things is not a future expectation; it's a past accomplishment!

Dear one,
It's high time you stopped asking God to bless you;
You have ALREADY been blessed and ENRICHED in all things!
Your spirit-man is replete will all blessings and riches in Christ!!
Accept this verity; believe in it; speak it forth and you will surely begin to manifest these riches in every sphere of life, In Jesus Name!!


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