GATHERINGS Bishop Dag Heward-Mills 


10th December 2018

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills 


READ: Acts 11:20-26

“…And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.” - Acts 11:26

When you are humble like a child, you allow yourself to be led. You are guidable, malleable and “leadable”. When you lose this humility, you do not want to be led or taught by anyone. You want to be independent. Your pride makes you stiff and independent. You take great pride in claiming independence.

When people are filled with pride, they resent being put in a group. They resent having to be a part of little groups that are being taught the Word of God. “Who is that Bible study leader and why should I listen to his ideas?” You rarely find rich proud people attending small group meetings. They rarely attend prayer meetings, Bible studies or Sunday School meetings. They are too big and too proud to sit still and be taught the Word of God. Perhaps, such people would be more comfortable in a large Sunday service of a prominent cathedral in their city.

But remember that when you were a child you were gathered into little groups and taught songs, poems and hymns. Remember that when you were humble you could attend services and receive teachings and blessings.

If you want to be humble, decide to be like a child. Decide to join the groups. Decide to be someone who can be gathered and organised alongside with others. Decide to be someone who can be taught and trained in new things. What a blessing will come over you as you walk in humility!

Start your day with a blessing from the WORD!!! 



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