Soul Winning – The Value of a Soul By Rev Eastwood Anaba

Thursday, December 13, 2018
Theme: One Saint, One Soul
Topic: Soul Winning – The Value of a Soul
Scripture Reading: 
Mark 8:34-38; Luke 15:11-32
Main Text: 
Mark 8:36
“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”
We must see things from the perspective Jesus sees them. For Him, the value of a soul is priceless. It is worth all the wealth of the world. The oil wells of Arabia cannot be given in exchange for a soul (Mark 8:36,37). You may just see a dirty, shabbily dressed drunk dragging himself down the road, but Jesus doesn’t see him like that. He said nothing can be given in exchange for a soul. Again nothing is worth sacrificing for a soul, not even the total value of the world.
According to the Credit Suisse report, the total wealth in the world was 280 trillion US dollars (280, 000,000,000,000.USD) as at 2018. So what Jesus is saying is that not even this 280 trillion US dollar can be used to purchase just one soul. To further illustrate the seriousness of this analysis, Jesus gave a parable of a woman who will diligently sweep the whole house looking for just one silver coin when in fact she has nine pieces of silver coins left. When she finally sees it, she throws a party for having found it (Luke 15:8-11).
Truth is, the value of her effort, that is sweeping the entire house and throwing a party is far more than the value of the one coin. But what Jesus seeks to press home is that no effort is worth sacrificing to find just a soul. In fact, Jesus actually said the entire heaven rouses to a state of euphoria and jubilation at the report of one soul that is saved (Luke 15:11). The father of the prodigal son ran to meet his riotous returnee, throwing a party for him. For he was lost, actually dead, and then found (Luke 15:12-32). Win a soul today to set heaven ablaze with rejoicing.    
Pray that you will value the life of a soul so much that you will win them at all cost.

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“The Audacious Anointing” by Eastwood Anaba
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