12th January 2019

READ: 2 Timothy 3:10-14

Paul said that Timothy should continue in the things that he had learnt. Most  importantly, Timothy should remember the type of person from whom he  learnt what he knows. 

When people begin to come up with all forms of seditious stories and slanderous reports, think carefully about what they are saying. Analyse the individual who is being criticized and whether it makes sense.

One time, someone said that I was preaching for money, trying to get rich quickly. This person obviously is not a deep thinker. If this individual were to analyse what he was saying he would realize that very few people are privileged to be medical doctors. He would also realize that I must have been out of my mind to leave the practice of medicine in order to make money by collecting people’s pennies. How absurd! There are much easier ways of making money as a medical doctor.  Analyse the individual who is being criticized and it will help you to decide whether to be loyal or not.

Paul said, “You have known my lifestyle and my character.” He was appealing to Timothy to acknowledge how intimately he had known him.

When I meet people I have heard unfavourable rumours about, I find them to be quite different from how they have been portrayed. Get to know the individual concerned personally. It is only then that you will know the true picture.


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