18th January 2019

READ: Esther 1:1-12,19

“…let the king give her royal estate unto another that is better than she.” - Esther 1:19

Wherever God has placed you, be it a political, spiritual or marital position, please be conscious of the fact that it is by the grace of God. 

I once had to tell a proud wife that she should be humble because there were several people who were ready to replace her.

There was a woman who was displaced and replaced swiftly in a move that shocked many observers. She was called Vashti. Vashti was the wife of the king. She had a privileged position as the queen. Her husband asked her to do something.

Perhaps it was a little controversial, but I wish to use what happened to illustrate an important point. The Bible teaches that wives should submit to their own husbands (Ephesians 5:22). Because Vashti did not obey her husband, one thing led to another and she was eventually removed. Her disobedience led to a divorce.

Someone may argue that her husband gave a questionable instruction which couldn’t be obeyed. I agree with you. But in this case you will have to compare two bad options: humble yourself, obey this instruction and retain your marriage. The other option: stand up for your rights, refuse to be bullied and lose your marriage. Which of these is a better option?

It would be wise to retain your God-given position. Don’t always stand up for your rights. In some cases, fighting for your human rights may be more expensive than enduring sporadic and short-lived moments of indignity.


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