4th February 2019

READ: 2 Timothy 2:1-3

 “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth…But lay u for yourselves treasures in heaven…” - Matthew 6:19-20

The Spirit of  the Lord came upon me and I spoke to my missionary pastor under the anointing. I said, “Always think like a dying man and you will always be a wise man.  Think about your arrival in Heaven soon, and you will be wise.” You see, when people are on their deathbeds,  they  think differently from people who are not thinking of the reality of Heaven and Hell.

I once asked my wife, “What do you think they will tell me when I arrive in Heaven?” This question bothers me all the time. “Is Heaven happy with me? Is God pleased with me? What will Jesus say to me on the day I see him face to face?” Unfortunately, most of us are just thinking about earthly things—money, cars, visas, power, influence, and the honour of man. These thinking patterns are not wisdom. If you die without doing His works, you will be a fool on the day of your death. Don’t be deceived; your time on earth is limited. After today, you will have one less day of opportunity. 

Jesus gave us the highest kind of wisdom—to live with eternity in mind, to lay up treasures in Heaven. The more eternity conscious we are, the wiser we will be! My father once told me that the way I spend the first 25 years of my life would determine the way I would spend the next 45 years of my life. By the age of 25, I was a medical doctor and a pastor. My first 25 years have truly affected the years that have followed. Similarly, the way you spend the first 70 years of your life would determine the way you would spend eternity.


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