24th March 2019

READ: Ephesians 4:17-32

“Neither give place to the devil” - Ephesians 4:27

Walking on the golf course, I noticed a huge tree that I had passed by many times. As I looked closely at its trunk and branches, I noticed hundreds of  scars on the tree. I received instruction from the Lord, “This tree is not wounded and scarred because it is a bad tree! It has suffered countless blows and shocks only because of its position in the centre of the fairway.”

Many people are the targets of satanic attacks because of their positions in the battle. They are good people who love the Lord, but by their position as the head they experience numerous strikes from the enemy. Do not be deceived dear friend; many of these battered and battle-weary warriors will be rewarded by the Lord in eternity.

One day, the Lord gave me a vision. I saw an unusual three-legged table. He said to me, “The devil stands on this three-legged table to launch attacks against you. You have to dismantle this table by removing each of the three legs.” Then He showed me what each of the three legs was and asked me to remove them one by one. When I did, I noticed how the strong persistent attacks of the enemy were diffused. Sometimes, there are circumstances that Satan is delighted to use against you; he launches attack after attack from that position. Remove the favourite launching pads of the enemy from your life and God will grant you victory over Satan’s plan to kill you.

May you experience a divine intervention in your life!


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